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"Cotton is my name, but I'm no Softy"


If you are in need of top-rate legal representation, look no further than The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC in Fayetteville, NC. The Cotton Law Firm’s personal attention will exceed your expectations. Our legal services include criminal defense, DUI, DWI and small traffic violations.

Earning your Trust

The Cotton Law Firm earns your trust by accommodating your every request. She follows five major rules to make sure clients are pleased with this DUI, criminal and DWI attorney:

  • Personal attention
  • Local representation
  • Appointment flexibility
  • A free initial consultation
  • Easy payment options

We go to extraordinary measures to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. As members of the Fayetteville community, we are here to serve all fellow residents.

Criminal Attorney Working for You

Just because you are busy does not mean you do not deserve the best in legal representation. When you call The Cotton Law Firm, a trusted DUI attorney will be flexible to your schedule. A DUI or DWI can be scary and court rooms can be intimidating, but the attorney at The Cotton Law Firm has the experience to get you through these challenging times. She will fight to help you avoid severe penalties and keep your driver’s license.  When facing these charges it is important to remember that you have rights and options, and you are innocent until proven guilty.


Whether you are in need of a criminal defense attorney or a traffic violations lawyer legal representation in the Fayetteville community has never been so accessible.


Affordable Criminal Defense

The Cotton Law Firm does not believe in hidden fees, which is why we charge a flat rate for all legal services. If you are struggling financially, payment plan options are available for DUI or DWI attorney services. You will always receive a free initial consultation. This means Attorney Nichole M. Cotton will evaluate your case and consult with you about it for absolutely no cost.


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We also service Hoke County.